Loveland, CO

Dyeing Protein Fibers to Make Colors Sing (Other)
Instructor: Myra Chang-Thompson
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Hands on Workshop
Embassy Suites Loveland
Pre-Registration Closed
Pricing Information
Price: $125.00
Dyeing protein yarns and fibers is a fun way to add your signature touch to your fiber art. This workshop offers dyers a variation of kettle dyeing that creates stunning results. In this hands-on workshop participants will produce a variety of dyed samples, using 4 different techniques. Participants will also dye a variety of different fibers to include wool, mohair, silk, alpaca and mohair locks. Dyes used are safe both to dyers and the environment.
Big Thompson A
  • Student Maximum: 20
  • Skill Level and Technique: Other, All Levels
  • Prerequisite: General knowledge of measurement and dye safety.
  • Homework: None
  • Supply List: Note taking supplies, rubber gloves, apron or old shirt to cover clothing, rubber bands, cloth strips or heavy string for resists, and a notebook for a dye journal.
  • Kit: $25 Kit Fee payable directly to instructor.

    All dyes, pre-scoured protein fibers and yarn, detailed instructions in a written handout, ideas to further your dye adventure, plastic bags for storing/transportation.
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