Loveland, CO

Mosaic & Lace Toolbox (Knitting)
Instructor: Barbara Benson
Saturday, March 30, 2019
1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Hands on Workshop
Embassy Suites Loveland
Pre-Registration Closed
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Price: $125.00
Learn to bring the vibrancy of colorwork to your lace with mosaic techniques. Knitters are falling in love with mosaic colorwork, a slipped-stitch technique that creates color patterns simply by knitting stripes and slipping stitches. With no floats across the back of the work there are no strands of yarn to confuse the visual impact of your beautiful lace and the shaping in lace allows you to manipulate the direction of your colorwork to create bold and unusual effects. Learn the techniques for combining these two skills from cast-on to colorwork confidence.

  • Student Maximum: 15
  • Skill Level and Technique: Knitting, Intermediate
  • Prerequisite: Experience with complex increases and decreases is needed. Reading charts. Comfort with knitting stripes and carrying yarn up the side of work. Comfort with lace is a must.
  • Homework: You will need to designate your darker color Color A and the lighter color Color B. Cast-on 20 sts in Color A
    Row 1 (RS) - k1, k2tog, YO, k14, YO, ssk, k1
    Row 2 (WS) - s1-wyif, k18, sl1-wyif
    Join in Color B and rep Rows 1 & 2.
    Switch back to Color A.
    Row 5 - k1, k2tog, YO, k14, YO, ssk, k1
    Row 6 - s1-wyif, k2, p14, k2, sl1-wyif
  • Supply List: Two colors of highly contrasting yarns in Sport or DK weight yarn and needles to knit them at a loose gauge (7 or 8).

    We will be knitting a swatch so you only need a small ball of each color. Leftovers are just fine. Please avoid yarn with variegation, tweed, or a lot of fuzz as well as yarns that are super slippery.

    Notions: post it notes, highlighter tape, or other chart minding materials.
  • Kit: None
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