Loveland, CO

Using Hand Dyed & Handspun Yarns & Liking What You Get
Instructor: Bobbi Pendell
Friday, May 1, 2020
1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Hands on Workshop
Embassy Suites Loveland
Pre-Registration Closed
Pricing Information
Price: $125.00
Handspun and hand painted yarns are beautiful… and expensive. The last thing you want is to spend all that money, and your precious time, only to end up with a disappointing finished piece. Many people are afraid of handspun and hand painted yarns for that very reason – those textures and color combinations have a mind of their own and the risk of it not turning out as expected is just too great. This class is a lecture and show-and-tell to boost confidence in using handspun and hand painted yarns to stunning results. Learn to evaluate handspun and hand painted yarns to anticipate results, learn about pooling – how to avoid it, stop it, disguise it or use it as a design element. Learn how to stretch your handspun or hand painted yarn purchase by incorporating “plain” yarns into your piece while preserving the “pop” of the hand dyed effect. Learn about choosing stitch patterns for hand painted yarns – which to avoid and what to look for to really showcase the yarn. You will leave with all sorts of ideas and a handout with several stitch patterns to try with hand painted yarns that really show them off to their best advantage.

The photographs are an example of hand painted yarn and a Selective Slip Stitch pattern that I developed to showcase certain hand painted yarns. That stitch pattern is included in the class handout.

  • Student Maximum: 20
  • Skill Level and Technique: Other
  • Homework: None
  • Supply List: None
  • Kit: $40.00 kit fee payable to instructor.
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